Dan Gilbert buys Avenue at Tower City Center

Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert has purchased Avenue at Tower City Center. He is most known for lashing out at LeBron James when he chose to leave his hometown Cavaliers for a chase at the championship with the Miami Heat. It was short-lived though as they both forgave each other and LeBron decided to return to the Cavaliers to deliver a championship to his hometown in the weak Eastern Conference. However, the conference is getting stronger each year including this year even if the King has found himself some help in the form of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. They will still find some roadblocks on the way to the Finals as the Toronto Raptors are finally getting stronger. It appears the Raptors are tired of getting eliminated in the first round despite having a winning record for the past few years.


They have an impressive lineup and the scorers have certainly improved. They are looking to get to the Eastern Conference finals and they have not been this formidable since Vince Carter was with them a decade ago. The Avenue once looked very strong with loyal customers but now a lot of competitors have sprung up and they are going down so this is a blessing in disguise now that Dan Gilbert has bought it. There is no doubt Dan Gilbert is one of the richest men if not the richest man in Cleveland so buying this is a good investment for him. It is not like he has made an investment like this before since it is obvious he has many businesses. It is not known whether the retailers will go away now that Dan Gilbert has purchased the mall but it is apparent they will become more confident since he is an experienced businessman.

It is obvious he has some big plans on skeetdiscount.com for the mall and he might just turn it into something big. He can hire some experienced professionals and he has a good endorser in the form of LeBron James. He is lucky LeBron decided to bury the hatchet in relation to the rivalry they had.