More on the Purchase

Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock Real Estate Services already owns a majority of Tower City Center so the stores renting there have got to be confident now that he owns Avenue as well. The shoppers going there won’t feel much of a difference since they already know who Dan Gilbert is. They are expecting a lot more activities to happen now that there is a veteran in charge. There has not been any announcement of any major changes so Dan Gilbert has kept everyone guessing. There has been a lot of buzz if anything is going to happen with Avenue now that Gilbert owns it but it won’t be much of a surprise if he does decide to do anything.

There will definitely be a lot more things to do in Avenue now that Dan Gilbert is in charge. Malls are usually the places people go to just to get some fresh air from the hot weather when it is the summer. Now, there are restaurants with charger outlets so those with low batteries can plug in their phones but they obviously have to order something from the establishment or the CCTV will catch them loitering around and they will get banished from the area. It would be a big embarrassment too as you may end up hiding your face all the time when you go out in public. It wont be long before the Avenue becomes something relevant again and that will be good news to the people who always goes there. Tower City Center has a lot of people everyday so there is no doubt a lot of people will want to rent spaces here.

Speaking of renting spaces, there are food parks popping up everywhere and that is good news for start up food businesses as they will want to go there instead so they can invest on something cheaper since the rent at malls are usually in the six digits. Dan Gilbert is going to want to outdo himself after he purchased Avenue but word is he is not looking to change the phase of everything.